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Baby Loss awareness Week

I have been reminded a lot that I still haven't mentioned this on the blog this week as it turns out there is Such a thing as Babyloss Awareness Week (9th-15th October). I am not sure what the exact aim of the week is, but if is to get people talking about the subject then it can only be a good thing.

People lose babies at lots of different points in development for lots of different reasons. Some people never know the reason for their loss, some do. Some people never meet the baby and some do. Some people have to make a decision that will remain with them forever.

I will take the time to tell my story regarding this soon, but it is only one story, and there are so many others. If you are someone who has experienced this type of loss then please know that you are not alone. And as humans we should talk about this more, instead of hiding from it and pretending it doesn't happen.  

Love to everyone thinking of their little lost loves tonight.  


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