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Back, with a bump!

We are home from holiday, and although we arrived back to a bank holiday heatwave, boy do we know we are home!

After a long trip back and an early morning arrival home (like, 1am!) We enjoyed a leasuerly bank holiday Sunday, in temperatures not dissimilar to the ones we left behind in Turkey. We got The Dog back from her holiday and both The Girl and The Boy did mega-naps and ate plain, home-cooked food nicely. The Boy had some bottles and slept surprisingly well last night, and an early wake up from them both didn’t descend into chaos as they both went back to sleep (albeit in our bed!) 

However, the rest of the day was not to go so well...The Girl did ok at nursery handover but The Boy has spent the day doing that awful high-pitched scream he does that sets your teeth on edge and makes you want to scream yourself. I wanted to spend today getting the house back in order, but no such luck-I am not allowed to leave The Boy, and he is not a fan of sleeping today!  

He had, of course, been used to 4 adults to pass him around, constent attention from us and from strangers and now can’t work out where his entourage has gone! So much for getting all the washing done. I am hardly allowed to wee without his disapproval, and his disapproval is loud! 

The Husband is back at work today and is feeling similarly grumpy about returning to the real world, meanwhile I now have only 2 weeks before my return to work and with The Boy’s Nursery trial coming up reality feels like it is hurtling at me like a juggernaut. I can’t stop it and I am struggling to figure out if I want to change it or not, so frankly, I am not really ready to face it.  

Post-holiday glow well and truly rubbed off. At least The Dog is happy!  

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