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Bananas, and such...

Today has been hard.  

I’m back to being on my own most of the day after a week with relatives and friends about. The cotbed mattress I ordered came but was too small. The Girl refused to nap. The Boy refused to nap. It’s been a challenge.

About 2.30pm I decide to take everyone out for a walk. I figured it might induce some sleep. It’s cold but sunny, the vitamin D might help. Also, I was able to pick some fruit up from the market. It should have been a big win for a little trip out.

Today, however, it was an unusual experience.  on our way home we stopped. I had change to put away in the Pack-A-Pod, and the dog was doing what she needed to. I was pleased because we were near a bin, which always makes the less glamorous element of dog walking at least quick...

...I noticed the guy ahead of us, just round the corner. He looked a bit dodgy, his head popped round the corner a couple of times, but it’s 3pm in the afternoon. It didn’t occur to me to worry. 

The Girl and I then get involved in a conversation about bananas. She had just seen me buy some...did she want one? Yes? No? Yes? If you’ve spent any time with a toddler you will know a conversation like this takes way longer then it should. 

The Boy, to my relief, is asleep. Part of the intention of the walk. By the time we have the dog sorted and decided not to have a banana, we set off to walk again and I had forgotten about the lurking man.  

Rookie mistake.  

As we go to turn the corner, he steps out.  

Now there may be a reasonable explanation for his scrotum being out as well as his penis. Maybe he needs the ballsack out to have a little wee. maybe he thaught he had time to do a little wee before we got there and it turned out to be one of those never ending ones. But his pants, and trousers are round his knees and he is not in a hurry to pull anything up. Also, we are being looked at by an eye. 

It takes a moment to register what I am seeing. 

I am unable to stop myself from saying out loud ‘Jesus! Really?!’ And I turn the double buggy round and drag the dog in the opposite direction. The Girl will have had the clearest view of all but thankfully she is not old enough to have any idea what just happened.  I don’t know if it makes it better or worse when he shouts an apology after me. ‘Sorry Love!’

Now I have needed a wee before while out in town. I understand that sometimes you’re busting. And I am not saying that it’s ok to foul our streets. Learn to hold it and find the loos like a grown up.  But even if I did need a wee in public, I wouldn’t Feel the need to force a stranger to look at my vagina. It just wouldn’t. What on earth goes through some people’s brains?

Anyway, The Girl dosen’t seem too bothered about it. Hopefully it will not be etched in her memory like it is mine. That said, she has decided she does want a banana after all, and I am trying to to read too much into this...

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