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Days like these

Today we are having a day at home.

Both children are poorly, and the idea was to give them chance to recover a bit before preschool at the end of the week, and for me to get some jobs done. Yesterday was madness - I’ll tell you more about that in a bit - but I realise now they were both getting ill, which clearly wasn’t helping. So far today I have got hardly any jobs done, and have been whinged at or had to shout at them to stop trashing the house all day. I was just thinking I’d take them out despite the whingeing and the snotty noses when they settled down and have played nicely for a bit together. We will have to walk the dog eventually anyway, and the temporary calm will not last.

Yesterday nobody had slept well because the dog was ill (& because of The Boy, but that’s normal). We lost count of the number of times we had to run downstairs to let the dog out to poo in the garden (side note-she never poops in the garden!) By the morning she wasn’t really better but we needed milk so I took the children out to get milk. While we were gone the dog continued to be poorly, so I returned to a poo-covered spaniel who had, at least, been contained to the create. I realised not long after getting home that I was going to need to bath her, but The Boy was asleep in the pushchair so, rushing up to the shower to hose her down I left The Girl to tell me if her brother stirred. Not long after, indistinguishable words floated up the stairs to me, followed by a pre-schooler with her pants round her knees. “I did a accident.” So now downstairs is covered in dog poo & human wee and the dog is soaking wet and rubbing herself on everything. Thankfully the toddler is still asleep but I know when he wakes there will be more baby poo to deal with. Oh and the dog is still unwell so randomly squatting to empty her bowls of the liquid that is in there and both children have an increasingly snotty nose...

...yesterday was a day of poo and wee.  There were more accidents then non-accidents, from both The Dog and The Girl. I spent the day cleaning and today the washing will have to go on to deal with more of the poo & wee.

Today is a day of snot and whingeing.  Very little has got done, lots of mess has been made. I’m giving up and going back to putting the TV on soon, but first to walk the slightly less s*#tty dog...

...days like this I can handle, but when one day start to roll into another I start to wonder how we will continue to cope. The Dog slept through last night but The Boy didn’t and the adults in the house are functioning on minimal sleep again. When days like this become weeks like this it becomes very disheartening, and difficult to know how to get everyone out of it and get on top of everything. My days fluctuate from relative calm to total chaos and it is hard to know how to slow it all down to make it more manageable. If the chaos came a bit at a time, it wouldn’t be chaos, but it never does! I don’t suppose it ever slows down, and I wonder if anyone ever learns to manage the chaos successfully?! Even after all this time, I haven’t yet!  

The Boy is sitting on my knee, rubbing his nose & crying in frustration because he can’t unblock it and I am already thinking about how to get a decent nights sleep out of him. Although snotty, The Girl (& The Dog) still need to do something to burn off some energy and goodness knows what either children will agree to eat! 

It might be Calpol tea tonight. For all of us! 


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