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Just One Day

Today was one of those days. 

We went out this morning to do a toddler friendly activity. I have to do something with The Girl because if we just stay at home, she goes a bit stir-crazy. So, off we went to do something active, I put the baby in the car seat after some food and some tummy time so he would fall asleep on the way and we could do our activity before he needed feeding.  

The baby cried all the way there. I should have known. I should have known at this point how the rest of the day was going to go.   

When we arrived I fed Baby and he settled down. We did our activity and headed home...I thought 'I will feed The Girl when we get home and then She can nap.'

She fell asleep in the car. Fine. Change of plan. I'll carry her to her cot and she can eat when she wakes up.  So I did, after the logistics of getting two sleeping children and all the kit you have to take with you when you go out into the house from a busy street, toddler wakes up. She won't go back to sleep. She has been asleep all of about 7 minutes. I feed baby until I cant stand the moaning any more and get The Girl up. Feed her lunch (while listening to baby cry). Let her watch a bit if TV while I feed the baby. Try again. She won't sleep. She is in her cot, (the sides are not down yet for this very reason) perfectly safe just not sleeping. Baby is having one of his rare cat-naps so I run for the bathroom to shower. It's Tuesday and I haven't seen a shower since Sunday. 

Toddler still awake.  

How long before you give up?! If she falls asleep now I will have to wake her soon anyway so her nap doesn't interfere with bedtime. I have just text the husband and told him that we won't get to do the shopping today because by the time we are done with the will she/won't she nap game, the schools will kick out making driving a nightmare. And the dog will need her walk. And when baby wakes up he will need feeding again before we do anything. And I still have to cook for the toddler and attempt to get her to eat again (she probably won't)...and at some point in that time everybody will need a poo...

...not every day is like this. To begin with most days felt like this but now there are less. When they do happen, I feel completely useless. Children crying becomes such a conman sound in my day  it becomes nothing short of background music. I feel like I will never be able to have them all happy at the same time, or any of them happy at any time. I have to tell myself it's just one day. Tomorrow everything resets and we try again and it's not always a disaster. 

I hope it gets better,  I do. I don't know how but I hope it does. Meanwhile, The Boy is awake and wants feeding and the The Girl is demanding 'mummy up!' Better get moving.

Thank goodness the dog is happy to just sleep on the sofa! 

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