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Last Day At Work

Today is my last day at work before finishing to go on maternity leave to have my second baby. I have left it late this time - there are 10 days to go before my due date and I feel exhausted. It doesn't help that it's about 28 degrees-C outside and I don't really fit into anything vaguely cool and work appropriate any more (cool as in not hot, not cool as in, you know, cool, that ship has long since sailed!)

It's funny, last time round I finished work 3 weeks earlier and a bit of a fuss was made. A cake was brought, presents appeared, people were excited...This time around there is no such drama. People just ask me when I am due and raise their eyebrows when I tell them;

"Oh, about a week." I am guessing this is normal for a second baby, but I still feel like it's a big deal even if everyone else thinks I am an 'old hand' now. Comments I regularly get when people find out it's a second baby include;

"Oh well, you know what's coming."

"Second babies are always quick."

"it'll be early."

"Does your first child know?"

"Oooo a baby and a toddler..." Funnily enough, no one wants to elaborate on the last one, they just laugh!

Even the husband seams to be taking all of this in his stride. He hardly seems worried that we are, you know, about a week away from having two children...that very soon I will be forcing another human shaped watermelon out of a previously traumatised watermelon-shout! I feel quite concerned about how I am going to cope with it all this time, delivery, recovery and getting-to-know-you time. This time round it will be with an almost two year old in tow, (plus the dog). Bright, vibrant and funny, the toddler takes up every second of my time and energy when she is awake and I am already concerned about how to divide myself between them both. I keep telling people;

"I'll figure it out!"

But, if I'm honest, I am really trying to convince myself.

I hope I do figure it out because sooner or later the husband will go back to work and I will be on my own with them both.

So, here I am, getting ready to say 'bye' for what seems like ages right now, but I know it will fly by. And getting ready to say 'hi' to what I am still referring to as 'it' but will be a real living, breathing human being very soon. 

Oh yes, and it's our wedding anniversary today. Not that we noticed.

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