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Snow & s*%t

Today is a funny day.

We woke up to snow. The Boy & I had had a rough night. I couldn’t sleep and he was up to feed every hour or so. We didn’t sleep much. The Girl wasn’t up so after walking The Dog in the snow, The Husband set off to work without seeing her. Almost immediately after he left I realised she had climbed out of the cot (we really need to take the side down) so I went in to get The Girl up. I found her stood in the middle of her bedroom, with her nappy on the floor in front of her. “I done a poo-poo” she tells me. Looking at the nappy I say “no you haven’t, don’t worry...” I discovered when I tried to help her take off her (now inside out) pyjama bottoms that she had, indeed done a poo-poo, sometime after the nappy came off and the pyjamas went back on. Cue an impromptu shower, for her and the pyjamas. Poo-poo everywhere. 

Poo-poo, indeed. 

I should also point out she was stood right next to the potty while she did the poo-poo. Potty training not going as well with her as it seems to be going with practically everyone else who appears to have potty-trained their toddler already.  

We set off out this morning for a walk. I had promised the girl we would go out in the snow and I wanted her to get some fresh air. All of us bundled up, we set off to the shop and the post office to run an errand or two, baby in carrier, toddler happily walking. She was being very well behaved (for once) and yet NO ONE wanted us out there. We are treated with thinly veiled disgust and irritation by everyone we meet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect everyone to love children, but I thaught someone might at least smile at the toddler or the baby, bundled up in their snow suites, bumbling along at a trot...but no. Tuts, huffs & grumpy eye-rolls is all we get. One group of men nearly smack straight into us as they look at each other to talk, and not where they are going (I had stopped and moved everyone in while they walked passed but they still manage to nearly collide with us). No apology, a tut and a stamp as they huff round us.

We have experienced this before. Where I live is quite urban, shall we say, and if I try to take the dubble buggy anywhere around lunchtime, no one wants us there. As if we have no right to be out at lunchtime. Today I am not even taking up a dubble-buggy amount of space and it’s not yet lunchtime but we are still unpopular visitors to Sainsbury’s local. Even the staff aren’t happy about us despite my best efforts to be super polite. 

So we dodge the snow flakes and the dog poo home and we all have tea (warm milk) and a snack. We will need to brave it outside later to walk The Dog but for now I am hiding from the urbanites who think we get in their way. 

The big news of the day is this: not much longer. In a bit over a weeks time we are moving. More suburban then urban, it’s going to be chaos moving with a baby and a toddler and a dog, but it’ll be worth it. The Boy will finally have his own room, The Girl will have a shower closer to her room and hopefully we won’t be the least popular people in town anymore (& we currently live within a block of 2 rehab centres and a probation centre!) 


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