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The Move Part 1 (before)

It is so close now. So close. I have taken all the child-proofing off the kitchen cabinet doors today, it is so close...

...I have such mixed feelings about the move. I have never been a bricks-and-mother type of girl. I have moved so often in my life it dosen’t phase me at all, in fact, staying anywhere longer then about 4 years throws me. Have you even seen the film Chocolate? That clever North Wind...always time to move on...

...but this time is different. We have been here 5 years, a long time for me, we moved in as our first home together, came back to this house as a married couple, dealt with the trauma and loss of our first pregnancy here, brought both children ‘home’ to here, (they were supposed to be born here but they weren’t, that’s a whole other story). Still. Their first home, our family’s first home. A loyal friend, this house has rarely let us down, been a place of happiness and of change. It has been good. We will be sad to leave. 

With all that being said, I know it is time to leave. I might feel emotional about doing so but it is time. It has been time for a few months now. I realised in the sumner, long before The Boy needed his own room that we needed more family space for us all. If you have read any of my previous blog posts you might also know that where we live is very urban, and while on meternaty leave with a newborn proximity to town (or mostly, Boots) was great, with a toddler in tow the problems of living on a regular drugs drop off point and opposit a rehab centre don’t feel worth the convience of a short walk into town. I spend most of our afternoon dog walks saying ‘mind the dog poo!’ And trying to stop the dog from picking chicken bones off the floor. We often have to circumnavigate vomit and chose alternative routes because of people weeing in the street in broad daylight or arguing accross the road (I dread to think what it’s like late at night, I haven’t experienced it for a long time because, you know, children.)

Its time to move on.

I will feel emotional leaving here, and while we have tried to prepare her for it I am sure The Girl will feel sad when it comes to saying goodbye to the ‘little house’. Moving day, will be truly bittersweet, because the new House promises a lifestyle shift. Country walks and play parks on the doorstep, space to run around, to breathe, a room for all the children and space for grandparents to will be such a positive move, once we have battled the lump in our throats as we turn the key in the lock here for the last time.

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