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why vurtal fit club?

For a while I have been conscious of my weight. Particularly my mummy tummy, which has a mind and a life of its own, it is unsightly in shape and looks huge no matter how I dress it up. I have posted before about how difficult it is with small people about to get a balanced diet right, I relay too heavily on carbs and not enough on protein to be as healthy as I’d like.

A few months ago I tried the Atkins diet. To its credit, I lost about a stone sticking to reduced carbs (I still have to eat some because I still breastfeed at night & I notice a huge difference when I cut out carbs). But I didn’t find it sustainable. I never know what to eat in those unplanned moments between lunch and dinner when your body says ‘I’m hungry’ and your brain says ‘but you can’t eat toast’ and ended up eating carbs as a quick fix or not eating anything and turning into a rage monster! Add to that the fact that I never seem to find time to do any exercise or go to the gym, despite The Husband stepping up where possible, finances, general tiredness and time are a huge factor and it just never really happened.

I  started doing Parkrun because it was at a time that we were usually around and The Husband could be on small person duty, and have found it quite compelling to keep seeing how much (if) I can improve, but I kept saying to The Husband ‘I need to do something mid week too’ but never quite found the time to do it.

Step in ‘Virtual Fit Club!’ An online ‘gym’ that has a support community attached. I found it via word-of-mouth and social media, and followed some of the coaches for a while thinking it sounded good but unrealistic-and probably too expensive! I wasn’t ready at first to get involved, but as soon as I was ready the community were waiting to welcome me, and I am so pleased I took the leap.

The ‘online gym’ comprises of several 100 online fitness programmes, rangeing from 4 to 7 days a week, lasting anything from 20 to 60 mins at a time. They come with a nutrition plan should you wish to follow it, and some superfood shakes, should you wish to buy/drink them. The programmes cater for everyone from total beginner to total athlete and there are always modifications that you can do on every programme. Plus, the instructors make it ok to modify it, taking time to point out that it’s still a workout and it’s not shameful to modify-in fact it’s smart because it enables you to get more out of your workout and not injure yourself. 

I generally use the app on a tablet or on my phone. Having a specific program to follow helps me keep focused and feel like I am ‘involved’ in something. I don’t have to leave The Husband and the small people at bedtime and drive to a loanly gym or arrive slightly late for a class, and drive back before trying to cram food into my face too hurriedly, too late at night. Fitting it into my life take does take a little organising but it’s way easier then the alternative.

The children do sometimes make it difficult. If they’re around, they love to watch, standing right in front of the screen so I can’t see what I’m meant to be doing or attempting to put their fingers on the screen or sit on me while I try to do anything on the floor, or suddenly need help with the toilet or need me to fix something or headbutt a table...But, there is a pause button (which I use regularly) and they are used to it now so are getting better at amusing themselves for as long as is possible when you’re 1 & 3. 

I’m not great at following the nutrition, but I am working on getting better. The online community, including the coach you get as part of the package are really supportive and collaborative. The shakes I love as a great way of making sure I get loads of good stuff in really easily, but that’s down to personal prefreance. I haven’t tried many of the other add-ons, like the pre-workout or recovery drink, but those I know who who have used them speak highly of them. Yes, it seems expensive at first for an app, but when you look at what comes with it and compare it to what you would pay at a gym, plus of course childcare and transport, it’s really not. 

I never ever thought of myself as someone who was a gym-type, and I guess I still am not, technically a ‘gym bunny.’ However, I can wear Lycra for the first time ever without feeling like a fraud. I can feel where some of my muscles are now, and my clothes fit better. At the start of this journey it was all about ‘losing weight’ but I don’t even feel too bothered about that at now, even though I have lost some weight. I feel healthier, the mummy tummy is smaller, I can actually ‘run’ Parkrun now, faster then I ever thought I could (but still not actually fast, there hasn’t been a miracle!) and I feel like I am doing something positive, for myself and, as a result, for my family. It feels like a no-brainier to me and I can’t belive I waited so long to have a go at it! 

I am all for making life better and easier for people, and this has been such a positive change I am excited to share it with others. If you think you might be interested, get in touch and I can help point you in the right direction. 

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